Arno Stalpaert
freelance web developer

Jay Baker portfolio website

Together with Sam Goeman, I created the new website for Jay Baker. Jay Baker is a 19 years old deejay and producer. He wanted something new to show off with. As a friend, we were hired to design and develop a whole new website. We created the website from A to Z.

A custom CMS module was made in php so that Jay Baker is able to update his calendar items and picture gallery.

Webshop Back-end development

Degree: 19/20

In my webshop there is the possibility to view products and get detailed information about each product. When you're interested in a product, simply place it in your shopping cart and fill the cart as you like it. I also implemented a little system where users can leave a small review for each product. The last thing I implemented for the users is a personal client account with login. In this client area, users can manage their account/profile and overview their orders.

It was also necessary to create a CMS module, which make the admin able to manage the webshop very easily. In the admin CMS, you are able to manage, edit and create products, categories. There is also a small feature to overview and delete user reviews and manage the admin accounts.

Coop Brussels Integration project

Degree: 17/20

more info coming soon

Montedellarte Integration project

Degree: 18/20
We created an Android Application for Griet Dobbels' art project that will be used in October 2017. Users were randomized in groups and were asked to do some challenges. Each users was tracked in our map, so we could analyse user reactions.

Special trees Brussels IOS design & development

Degree: 19.75/20
For my Exam assignment, I created an IOS 10 app, where all special trees in Brussels were loaded from a database. All trees were displayed on a map, based on it's location. When clicking on the tree, a detail view with more information was provided. There was also an overview with all trees, where users are able to sort and search the list.

Database application Creative programming Java

Degree: 20/20
I created a program in Java 8 (using Swing) that was connected with my own Database. The purpose of this program was to arrange appointments. The users was able list all his appointments, linked to his clients, but was also able to rearrange, edit, delete and add appointments.

Marketing campaign Concept design

Degree: 16/20
The assignment for 'Concept design' was to create a concept for an advertising campagn. There is a fictive company, as well design and development, called 'Digital Designers'. The goal is to link the design aspect to the development one by their slogan 'Connecting the dots'.

Together with Sam Goeman, I created a new concept and branding for it. Our idea was to place an banner board with a red button next to it. People would be able to push the red button. After pushing the button, they would be projected on the banner board, using the Kinect technology. The person, who is standing in front of the banner board, can make movements, that will be projected on the screen. If they can collect 5 dots, the dots will be connected and the person will receive a free gift.

Final assignment Motion design

Degree: 16.5/20
For this course, I made a video to show some of the things I learned during this classes. I used some special effects, created 3D trackeers, worked with face tracking, 3D tracking, used a greenkey and made a special effect by filming myself.

Atomium concept User Experience design

Degree: 16/20

The assignment, for the course UX design, was to follow the whole UX proces to create a mobile application for the Atomium. I did a lot of research about the Atomium, created persona's, customer journeys and interviewed people during their visit. With all these information, I was able to think about a cool concept to work out.

When the concept and the application mockups were finished, I created two different longboards. On the 'design longboard', I listed some of my best mockups to explain the concept and the application. On the 'design proces' longboard, I described my UX proces from begin to end.

My application concept was to create an interactive tour guid, based on the user's interests. By working with beacons, the app would interact with the user's position and interests. There was also a possibility to solve little quizzes to earn coins. The more coins a visitor earned, the more profits he would receive on his next visit to the Atomium.

Drupal 8